Monday, September 27, 2010

Massages at the Retreat!..... WOOHOO!!!

Here is the latest, latest news...

I'm so excited... and I just can't hide it!  And I'm so pleased to announce another NEW feature at the Retreat!!!  CHAIR MASSAGES!!! How awesome will it be to have a place to get "rubbed down" when your shoulders start to tighten or your hands start to cramp!

Myriam Boter, a friend of Lavon's, will be joining us for the retreat.  She is a scrapbooker and will be attending as a "retreat go-er", however, she has been gracious enough to offer to bring her services, too!

She will have times blocked off during the day (probably mid morning and later in the afternoon/evening) to accommodate us.  You will need to sign up so she can schedule her scrapbooking time.

Charge... just a $1.00 per minute!!  She says "most people can get relief from tension in 5 minutes of a specific modality that targets the affected area".  However, she is not limiting the massages to 5 minutes... you would just need to talk to her about your needs.  She sounds very flexible and completely willing to be of service to us!

Is that awesome or what!  I know I plan to be the very first one in the chair!

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  1. Is she going to have a big, hot, tall, buff assistant named Sven? (or maybe Adam? ha!) 'cause then I'm in!