Thursday, September 23, 2010

How about a Scrap Pool...

But first, we are going to have a DROP and SHOP table.  This is simply an exchange table.  If you've got something you want to get rid of, leave it and if you see something you want, TAKE IT.  That's what it's there for!!  At the end of the retreat, what is left gets donated to a local woman's shelter.

And now, the SCRAP POOL... This is a little different.  Nothing I've ever done before, but I know other retreats have.  The SCRAP POOL is where you can sell items you no longer want!  You will be totally responsible for this.  I am only providing an area for you to use.  Be sure to label your items and include your name and price.  If someone wants to purchase from you, they will need to come and find you to complete the transaction.  
So make sure your labels are clear and well placed.  
I'm getting ready to go send this info out in email format, but you may read it here first!


  1. You've certainly been busy planning Janis! I've used the drop and shop tables before, in fact found some really cute papers in the pile at your spring retreat.

    I've never seen the scrap pool before, but it sounds interesting. It'll be a good way to get rid of a few things you don't use anymore and be able to get something new. Great idea!

  2. Janis: If you don't mind bring me and Cathey's shirts to the retreat. You do not need to wash them. Can't wait!! Pam

  3. Bring Cathey and Pam's shirts to retreat... unwashed... check!

    Beth, I made up the name "Scrap Pool"... I had heard "Scrap Yard" and "Garage Sale" before, but you know me, I had to be different! Besides... it's a "pool" of STUFF! Right!!!