Friday, September 17, 2010

3 Weeks til RETREAT!!!

Food Ordered - check
Tables reserved - check
T-Shirts ordered - check
Swaps all figured out - check
Snacks coming in - check
Goody Bag stuff here - check
Prizes here - check
Extra Drawing tickets updated - CHECK
CTMH order ready to be submitted Monday - check

WOW!  I can't believe how much is already done!!!

I COULD start packing next week!  That is always so exciting because it's a commitment to myself that I won't NEED anything until after the retreat!  I am so ready!

I need some chatter on this blog!  It's been a little quiet lately! 

Who's excited about the retreat?  Who is READY for it to be here?  Who NEEDS it to be HERE!!!  Let's leave some comments and get this PARTY STARTED!!!


  1. I'm so ready and can't wait to start getting in the CHRISTMAS SPIRIT!!! I'm sure that being in my Christmas pjs; and seeing Christmas cards, papers, ideals, etc. will just enhance that spirit. Oh and let's now forget seeing all the wonderful ladies and the food.

    Thank you Janis for being such a wonderful friend and putting together what I'm sure is another GREAT RETREAT!

    Lyla, I hope Janis hasn't forgot to get another great bag for a doorprize... since she isn't doing a auction you might have a chance. :) LOL

    See you ladies there, travel safe!

    Vickie M.

  2. My summer visitors are gone and summer traveling is done and I am so ready to get back to a routine and that includes scrapbooking. I miss my glue and paper! Now I just have to find all the pictures. Looking forward to being there...Carol

  3. ex-CITE-ed!!! So ready for retreat--
    fun, friends...and oh yeah...SCRAPBOOKING!
    Thanks, Janis, for all your hard work. Get 100% well SOON!

  4. Thanks Janis for getting this wonderful retreat together. I can't wait to get there even if I just sit in my chair for a few minutes and take it all in. I'm still working on my cards and I haven't found any Christmas PJ's yet but I'll get there and be happy anyway. Christine Rantz

  5. Aw, you all are just too sweet... except KIM! What does "eh" mean? You crazy girl!

    I'm searching for Christmas PJ's myself! I have a couple of pairs I can fall back on... or, I suppose red pants and a white shirt COULD qualify, couldn't it!!!

    I am really getting excited. It is really getting close now. And almost everything is done! Well, except for that packing and hauling part!

  6. I'M SO EXCITED, AND I JUST CAN'T HIDE IT!! Can't wait to load up all my stuff and giggle at how full my car is...BWAHAHAHAHA

    I won't even mention how I will get it all back in and home after I add all my shopping loot to it! I need to sketch out a diagram as I load so I know where it all has to go back. : ) Thank you Janis for the opportunity to come and for all the hard work and time you put into all this! Can't wait!!!!

  7. Yep, can't wait, I've been playing with my scrapbooking stuff and bought some new Christmas papers yesterday for the card swap. I've got some card sketches figured out and hope it all comes together quickly.

    Janis, you're so organized, I love it!!!

    This retreat I want to cut some things out ahead of time and prepare some stuff early-on so I don't have to haul our whole craft room in the van. Not that we haven't hauled it around before. =-)

    Amy, you mentioned strategic packing for your car....I'd take a digital picture after it's all packed and just refer back to it when it's time to load up. Leave a little room in some of your bins or bags for new loot!

    Yeah, Suzy (sis) and I are taking too much to fit into her car so we're road-trippin' in the mini van! Wwooo Whhooooooo. On the road again...

  8. Regarding the comment about Christmas pj's... has anyone found them out in the stores yet? I can't seem to find any, and I don't already have some... I don't wanna have to wear my regular ol' jammies when everyone else is in Christmas ones! Hopefully they'll be out in the stores by then. They've already got Christmas stuff out at Sam's so I'm figuring any day....

  9. Craftsy Beth,

    Thanks for the tip...I always have to take a pic of how full my car is; I will have to remember to look at it again before I start repacking! As for Kim, they had a few Christmas Pj's at Walmart this weekend. Thats all I've saw so far.

  10. All you craftsy people out there!!!! Go buy some Christmas fabric and MAKE you some! NO, KIM! I'm not volunteering so don't EVEN go there!!!

  11. We are so ready! can't wait to meet everyone and have a fun time getting into the Christmas spirit with you guys!

    Thanks Janis

  12. I'm ready to go, I'm excited, but I really don't even know if I've been given the time off yet! My new schedule isn't even out yet, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that my very nice boss will grant my requested time off. The Christmeas PJ'S I have, do they fit? Another question. I had so much fun in the spring and am really looking forward to this. I'm bringing my daughter-in-law with me this time.

  13. Janis, does that mean you expect us to SEW??? Okay, if it has elastic and I don't have to match seams I might be able to complete it, but I know my skill level and the amount of time I have until the retreat. Nope, it ain't gonna happen. I could make a night gown, but I like PJ's MUCH better. I have found a few pairs of in stock jammies at

    The last clothing I made was a Dorothy (from the Wizard of Oz) costume about 10 years ago. It turned out kinda cute if I do say so myself.

  14. Argh!!! The thought of taking 10 minutes to sew PJs makes my head want to explode. I'm with Janis, red pants and a white shirt sounds ok by me. I'm so stinkin' excited that my mom-in-law is bringing me. Love you Toni!

  15. Toni,
    I hope your boss lets you off work for the retreat, I'm crossing my fingers for ya.

  16. Toni!!! I hope your boss lets you off work, too! That would be a big ol' bummer!!!

    I saw Christmas jammies at WalMart yesterday!