Saturday, October 2, 2010

Here we Go!

This is our last weekend to pack!  Have you figured out what you are going to work on?  Have you got it all packed!  Are you all organized or are you going just to have fun and work on whatever you happen to have packed!!!

Are you bringing cards for the Operation Write Home project?  Are you bringing stuff for the Scrap Pool and/or the Drop and Swap table?  Are you ready for a nice massage!  Have you figured out what snacks you are bringing!

Leave a comment and let us know!

And if you can't find Christmas Jammies, you are not alone!  A lot are having that problem, so I'm going go tie a "ticket" to wearing them... however, just for fun, if you bought a Retreat T-Shirt, plan to wear it Friday.  I want to get a group picture Friday night.

And Saturday, if you DID find Christmas Jammies... or have something RED or GREEN to wear or anything that's Christmas related (like raindeer antelopes!), there will be an extra drawing ticket waiting for you when you show up with something Christmas-y on!!!   Remember Saturday night is our Christmas Dinner... and of course, we will need festive pictures!

Gotta go!  More packing to do!  Will my house ever be the same again?


  1. Good grief, woman! I thought we had all that stuff put away! LOL! I'm so excited; I've got to go do some cooking, because I'm in a mood, then I'm going down and pack-pack-PACKING! I just hope I don't forget clothes! ha!

  2. I am so excited but packing ALL THIS STUFF is stressing me out a little!

  3. I'm excited and ready to go, but I have to get through 4 more days of work before I can really even start getting it all together. See you there.

  4. I'm with Amy... the thought about packing and all the things I have to get done before hand is stressing me out a little. However, I can't wait!!!

    I know in my head what I want to work on. Hope it comes out on paper as well as it is layed out in my mind. LOL

    I have the Christmas pj's, retreat t-shirt, cards for the swap, cards for OWH, stuff for the Scrap Pool, and stuff for the drop and swap table. I don't know if there will be any room left for my scrapbook supplies. Oh well, completeing projects is over rated right?

    See all you wonderful ladies in 4 days!!! Travel safe.

    Vickie M.

  5. From Becky... NO I am not packed and ready to go . I don't even have a clue what I am taking except for the food of course.

  6. Janis:
    I know you taught me how to BLOG but I love to reply to sender!!!! Cathey and I have both packed our stuff---we have our snacks----you have our shirts---we have deceided what we are going to work on ----made a list and checked it at least twice!!!! Cathey has been naughty and I have been really nice! I can get away with this because she doesn't have email. We are so ready!!! Can't wait ---thanks for all your hard work and we will see you on Thursday.
    love ya
    Pam and Cathey

  7. Arghhhh....Take 2,CUT, TAKE 3!! ~ (my last TWO commentS would not post)!
    Sooo....I have my pictures printed and my jammies and my snacks planned, BUT I still need to get my papers picked out and try to avoid packing my entire s'book room! So looking forward to the weekend, just not everything needing to do between then and now! See you soon!

  8. I had so much fun at the spring retreat that I thought this one was never going to get here. Well guess WHAT???? Its HERE and I still have'nt got one thing packed. I guess I will be one of the ones that will be bringing EVERYTHING!!! (just kidding Tammie Dawn, I know we don't have enough room... lol..) SEE YOU ALL THURSDAY, can't wait....

    Pam M.

  9. I have all my cards done, but Nothing packed either.... I'm getting scared that we can't haul it all.. We had a very tough time at the Spring Retreat packing everything up for all four of us and I'm scared that we can't get it all in there this time plus all of our snacks.. I'm sure we'll manage some how... Can't wait...
    and btw.... There are lots of Christmas Jammies @ Kohls....

    Can't wait.... I'M READY.....
    Tammie Dawn Patton

  10. Samantha and I are ready to be there. However, nothing packed, not sure what pics we are gonna crop. LOL! I am sure we will take pleny of stuff with us and then buy while we are there because you just simply never have everything you need once you get to the crop!

    We will probably pack Wednesday night. I will see you Thursday and Samantha will be up Friday..

    Looking forward to meeting you all and having a great time!

    Oh and whoever said page completion is over rated, I am soooooo with ya! I think I visit more than crop! :)

    safe travels to all. can't wait, can't wait!

    Kathy White